Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

The Interfaith Council (IFC) at York University provides a forum where harmony and goodwill permit the diversified religious communities at York to foster equity and respect while expressing mutual support.

The IFC strongly affirms the right of any religious organization to hold and express those convictions that they accept as truth and equally affirms the responsibility of each community member to express themselves in a way consistent with the Interfaith Council's desire for mutual respect, tolerance and the renunciation of hatred, prejudice and suspicion.

The Interfaith Council seeks to achieve its goal by acting within the following four parameters:

  1. As a liaison body among the various faith groups on campus, the Interfaith Council meets monthly and these meetings are mandatory for maintaining membership on the council.
  2. As a liaison body between faith-based student groups and the University administration, the IFC is administered and supported by the Centre for Student Community & Leadership Development (SC&LD), which devotes staff time and resources to the smooth and effective operation of the Interfaith Council with a view to enhancing the faith-based student club experiences at York.
  3. As a representative for the faith-based clubs for the York community as a whole, this enables the IFC to provide a conduit for students from the general campus population to the services and opportunities provided by the faith-based student clubs.
  4. As the administrator for the use and maintenance of the Scott Religious Centre, the IFC provides feedback to SC&LD regarding the operation and upkeep of the centre. Donated by the Scott family, the Religious Centre provides a comfortable chapel for religious services and a peaceful meditation room for individual introspection and quiet prayer. It also provides office space for many of the faith-based student clubs.

Through the Interfaith Council, York University offers a unique environment for faith-based programming on campus.