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History and Background

YU Connect is the result of two influences.  First is from students themselves, including the LeaderShape 2008 cohort and the Student Representative Roundtable.  The second is the Provost’s White Paper, in particular the section on Student Engagement.

The LeaderShape 2008 cohort presented to the Vice-President Students on the need for York University to systematically support and recognize the contributions of student leaders.   In 2009/10 the Student Representative Roundtable, an advisory group to the Vice President Students, comprised of the president or chair of every College, Faculty and Central student government at York, outlined the desire to have a system to document the range of extra and co-curricular activities that enriched the student experience.  Aside from having this system document and support the wide range of activities, there was also a desire to include learning outcomes.

Alongside this desire from student leaders, the Provost’s White Paper documents a ten year plan for York University.  It outlines a set of priorities for the University in terms of research, academics and student life.  One of the main goals outlined is to build an engaged university culture.  One way to build this is to have a system that makes opportunities available to students in the easiest and most effective way possible, understanding that many students have busy lives with competing demands.

Benefits for Students

The first benefit for students is the opportunity to get involved. The second benefit is having a Co-Curricular Record! York University is proud to have thousands of active students working in over 350 different student organizations.  These opportunities allow students to have experiences few students at other institutions are able to have.  You can explore the world of art or finance, learn chess or play volleyball, develop leadership skills, meet other students and learn to grow with peers.  Studies show that active students perform well academically, have less stress and enjoy their time at university more than their peers.  YU Connect is a system to help you find some of these opportunities.  Here are three reasons why you should get on YU Connect:

  • Find campus resources and involvement opportunities that match your interests
  • Join organizations and sign-up to participate in events and programs
  • Document your involvement and learning outside of the classroom through a co-curricular record

Benefits for Student Organization Leaders

If you are representing a club, the benefits to you include the ability to easily find new members and organize your club and/or events in one place.  It allows student groups to have a wall, to send out messages, promote events, share photo albums, manage their executive team and have an accessible place for their membership list.  All of these features will help make managing your club easier and let other students know about your projects and events.  It allows you to do less to manage your club while having an increased presence across the entire university.   Here are three reasons why your club should get on YU Connect:

  • Promote events and communicate with current and prospective members
  • Create organization specific pages that link and push to social media
  • One platform for student organization processes and membership management

What Organizations and Activities Are Included?

There are over 300 groups on YU Connect right now! With student governments, clubs and organizations, residences, peer mentor groups as well as academic and departmental units, there is really is something for everyone.  If you wish to discuss how YU Connect can make a difference in how you connect, involve and recognize students, please contact the Centre for Student Community & Leadership Development (SCLD) or visit us in Ross S172.

Will there be any my.yorku.ca Portal integration?

Yes! There is a YU Connect portlet being developed by UIT using the current API infrastructure.